Episode 0x1F -- The Confusing Part Starts NOW

Can't wait till next week when Dave can start reading the episode numbers again!

I'm going to go ahead and apologize for this episode. We really couldn't seem to get it together last week so we bolted together some recording materials from last week and some that we put together last night. It's an unholy mess. Enjoy!

The show keeps getting longer. Even when 2/5ths of the hosts are absent, we're still in the hour long range. What's a podcast to do? Should we start trimming content? Not according to at least one of our listeners who really misses the Deep Dive Segment. Should we split into two episodes and release twice a week? Could we start recording any earlier so that those of us who live on the eastern side of the continent aren't yawning before the end? What's the best part of the show? What could we do less of? Should we just stick to what seems to be working?

These are all questions that you dear listener can answer. Let us know at mailbag@liquidmatrix.org. Did you know that you can also send us tips and links and things that you wish got a little more coverage? Yes you can! Now back to the show.

  1. Upcoming this week...
  2. Lots of News
  3. Breaches
  4. SCADA / Cyber, cyber... etc.
  5. finishing it off with DERPs/Mailbag and
  7. Our new weekly Briefs - no arguing or discussion allowed

And if you've got commentary, please sent it to mailbag@liquidmatrix.org for us to check out.

DISCLAIMER: It's not that explicit, but you may want to use headphones if you're at work.

ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: In case it is unclear, this is the story of 5 opinionated infosec pros who have sufficient opinions of their own they don't need to speak for anyone except themselves. Ok? Good.

In this episode:

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