Television Episode 0x01 -- SecTor Interviews The First

Video even - inorite!

We gave you a warning and then didn't follow through, so we understand the confusion. This is the first of many Liquidmatrix Security Television Episodes which we naively think you might enjoy.

To start off, we've got this delicious interview with Dave Mortman (@mortman), the Chief Security Architect of Enstratus. Watch as Dave regales you with tales of the way things where back when he was a boy ((It appears that he's still a boy, but that's all charm.))

There's more of these in the queue. Tell us what you think or what you'd like to see.

And if you've got commentary, please sent it to for us to check out.

DISCLAIMER: It's not that explicit, but you may want to use headphones/cover the screen if you're at work.

ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: In case it is unclear, this is the story of 4 opinionated infosec pros who have sufficient opinions of their own they don't need to speak for anyone except themselves. Ok? Good.

Creative Commons license: BY-NC-SA

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