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Nobody knew what CSIS was up to -

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Matthew Keys is in jail for not giving up a source -

Go Secure botnet analysis -

Blackhat EU talks -

getting root on wemos -


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Quebec police spied on multiple journalists -

Canadian intelligence agency gets hands slapped -

EMET EOL announced -

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Typed JSON -

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Google talks about disclosing 0days -


Finically regulator loses some records -


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I need a new computer. Or maybe I just want one.

  1. Owen Williams writes on Medium Apple just told the world it has no idea who the mac is for and I'm not entirely sure I disagree.
  2. Rui Carmo lamenting the state of the macOS ecosystem and talking Elementary IO.
  3. Touch bar is cool. I think it might work, but a fully reprogrammable awesome Sonder E Ink Keyboard or the 9.7" retina touchscreen would've made more sense.
  4. Despite having no hardware upon which to test... here's someone's attempt at sudo-touchid with a minor caveat :(
  5. And if you're a student - here's a nice deal JetBrains Developer Tools

Tomorrow I'm leaving this up to Ben, I'm not a morning person.


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Good morning!

Coming to you live from O'Reilly Security in NYC. Well, the breakfast buffet anyways.

  1. Great 101 article from Ars Technica How security flaws work: SQL Injection
  2. The always eloquent friend of the show / my friend Violet Blue cuts to the bone with the awesome phrase "Infosec smarty-pantses" in her article on That Time Your Smart Toaster Broke The Internet Note that @gattaca's toaster doesn't obey him either
  3. Twitter does dumb shit again and pisses off long term users Hiding Usernames In @Replys
  4. DMCA exemption list finally updated and has a great list covered exemptions from The Register

Tune in tomorrow for a SPOOOKY story from me still in NYC.

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