Samy Kamkar - PoisonTap -

RCMP want an iphone unlocker -

Discussion paper -

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More Travels With Dave...

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Reporting on the infosec implications of Walt Disney World...

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Dave is actually alive. We have video proof.

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No notes.

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Russian Hacker group responsible for DNC Hack is at it again -

Russian banks getting hit back by DDoS Attack -

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(Ben didn't do show notes)

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MS16-137 -

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Tesco was breached -

The grugq on Security, Cyber, and Elections -

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Nobody knew what CSIS was up to -

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Matthew Keys is in jail for not giving up a source -

Go Secure botnet analysis -

Blackhat EU talks -

getting root on wemos -


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Quebec police spied on multiple journalists -

Canadian intelligence agency gets hands slapped -

EMET EOL announced -

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Episode 0x70

Dave Doesn't Exist

We've been unable to capture Dave on video yet despite turning out a absolutely epic amount of video material. We think it's because he doesn't actually exist. Do not even get me started on the hipster beard and hipster actor. Those two. Sigh. In any case...

Upcoming this week...

  1. Lots of News
  2. Breaches
  3. SCADA / Cyber, cyber... etc.
  4. finishing it off with DERPs/Mailbag (or Deep Dive)
  5. And there are weekly Briefs - no arguing or discussion allowed

And if you've got commentary, please sent it to for us to check out.

DISCLAIMER: It's not that explicit, but you may want to use headphones if you're at work.

ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: In case it is unclear, this is the story of 5 opinionated infosec pros who have sufficient opinions of their own they don't need to speak for anyone except themselves. Ok? Good.

In this episode:

Creative Commons license: BY-NC-SA

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Typed JSON -

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Google talks about disclosing 0days -


Finically regulator loses some records -


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