Episode 0x3A

We Can Do Better

Before we get too far into things this week, I want to draw special attention to Rich Mogull's $500 Cloud Security Screwup posting. Truly awe inspiring and an example of Doing Infosec Right - admitting that you screwed up and getting on with the solution rather than the very common response which would include hiding what happened and hoping no one finds out that it was you who were the screwup. We should all act more like this. Moving along...

Upcoming this week...

  1. Lots of News
  2. Breaches
  3. SCADA / Cyber, cyber... etc.
  4. finishing it off with DERPs/Mailbag (or Deep Dive)
  5. And there are weekly Briefs - no arguing or discussion allowed

And if you've got commentary, please sent it to mailbag@liquidmatrix.org for us to check out.

DISCLAIMER: It's not that explicit, but you may want to use headphones if you're at work.

ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: In case it is unclear, this is the story of 5 opinionated infosec pros who have sufficient opinions of their own they don't need to speak for anyone except themselves. Ok? Good.

In this episode:

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