Australia's Blood Service's exposed lots of personal data -

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Machine Learning Appsec testing -

Mozilla doesn't trust Ernst & Young audits of CAs -

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UNENCRYPTED SCADA PAGERS!!! (watch Jamie and Dave's head explode when they read that)

MS threat modelling tool -


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Yet another - this is LSD TV mini0x07.

Talking about the Defense again.

Oh, and Ben's got a link for you -

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Hangzhou Xiongmai recalls IoT devices -

Comodo CA relies on broken OCR and issues certs incorrectly -

Using Rowhammer on Android -

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Hyper scale defenses (, scaring the Russians ( and rigged elections in the Philippines ( -- turns out its very old news which popped up in my news feed and I can't read dates

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Mini episode #4: crazy TLDs and DDoS on Dyn.

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Friday's episode of the new Liquidmatrix Security Digest TV minis, Ben Sapiro talks Yahoo! and Boards of Directors and Linux privilege escalation and Wikileaks and HE JUST KEEPS TALKING. 

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The SECOND episode of the new Liquidmatrix Security Digest TV minis, Ben Sapiro talks data exfiltration.

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In this first episode of the new Liquidmatrix Security Digest TV minis, Ben Sapiro walks you through SecTor 2016.

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